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Welcome to Wisconsin Family Dental. We’re so happy you’ve chosen our practice for your family’s dental needs. Our primary goals are the prevention and early detection of oral health problems to allow you and your family members to maintain long-term healthy smiles. You can always count on our highly experienced and compassionate team for outstanding, gentle care.

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New Patient Exams: An Overview

New patient exams at Wisconsin Family Dental are judgment-free appointments. If you have any oral health concerns or worries, you can feel comfortable sharing them with Dr. Behling and her team of dental professionals. We care about your dental health and are here to work alongside you to achieve the best results for your smile. 

Your new patient exam includes a comprehensive evaluation of every aspect of your oral health to establish a baseline for future dental care. That includes taking your medical and dental history and digital x-rays or panoramic radiographs to get a closer look at concerns we may not uncover during your visual exam. 

Dr. Behling will conduct a thorough evaluation of the health of your teeth, gums, and bite. She’ll also make a record of any dental work and restorations, perform an oral cancer screening, and evaluate your smile’s aesthetics to determine any cosmetic needs. It’s all part of looking at the bigger picture so we can provide you with the care you need. Dr. Behling prides herself on her transparent care. She’ll share any concerns she uncovers and discuss how to solve them at every step.

What Happens After Your Exam?

After your exam, Dr. Behling will work with you to create a fully customized treatment plan that addresses current concerns and provides you with a game plan for long-term oral health. That will include any needed dental restorations or preventive procedures, the type of future cleaning required, and any recommended cosmetic dentistry treatments, such as teeth whitening or dental veneers.

Your questions are always welcome, and you’ll have the final say in determining the best course of treatment. You’ll leave our office with a copy of your treatment plan and peace of mind knowing that your smile’s unique needs are well-taken care of. Our family-owned dental practice is committed to providing the families in our community with outstanding service and a personal touch.

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At Wisconsin Family Dental, we never spare any effort to provide the families in our care with top-notch care and service. Our gentle approach to dentistry and Theo, our snuggle-ready dog, will help make your time with us comfortable, positive, and relaxing. Dr. Behling and our compassionate team strive to ensure you and your family enjoy long-lasting healthy smiles.

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